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Consumer Virtual Reality (CVR), produced by Archiact, is the premier event to experience groundbreaking new virtual reality technology. Held on the Canadian west coast in beautiful Vancouver, the event brings together consumers, developers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts for a weekend of fun and excitement that shapes the future of VR.

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People had a lot of great things to say about the first edition of CVR. Everyone – from attendees to exhibitors – was blown away by the incredible excitement Vancouver has for virtual reality. Here’s what a few industry leaders had to say.

I had a blast doing the event, it was fun and very fresh to actually talk to the consumers directly instead of just developers in these VR conferences.

Elbert Perez


This was the most packed VR event I’ve ever seen. Kudos to Archiact for having thrown an exceptional event. It was one of the most well-oiled conferences I’ve ever attended.

Alexander Haque


Congrats @ConsumerVR and @archiactvr for an awesome event today. Greart to see the VR community come together!

Chris Wren

Electronic Arts

It was a fantastic event. After many years in development and demoing at industry events it was great to finally be able to showcase at a consumer VR event, especially locally. We were blown away at the attendance, which is such a great sign for the future of VR!.

Denny Unger

Cloudhead Games

It’s amazing to think this was only the first year of CVR — the sophistication of the exhibitors, the energy of the event, and the sheer volume of attendees literally overflowing the aisles of the exhibition was beyond anyone's expectations. The CVR show has successfully put Vancouver on the map as a powerhouse for virtual reality!

Jonathan Grand Pierre


Big high five to @archiactvr for #cvr2016 this weekend. Super busy show, palpable energy. VR is coming for the mainstream.

Mack Flavelle

Axiom Zen

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If you’re interested in attending, exhibiting, sponsoring, or just learning more about CVR, visit the website for more information.