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Year in Review - 2017

Posted on 12 December 2017

On January 1st, 2017, we came into work, looked at the VR year ahead of us, and were a bit floored. The games we were working on, the launches we knew were coming, the events and contents we were about to share; there was so much, and we were so eager to start bringing our work out into the world that we barely knew where to start!

Looking back twelve months later, it’s amazing to see how our year of game development unfolded, each new title and event becoming another step in our path of creating what we love most: fun, immersive VR games. The end result is a roster of titles that offers everything from breakneck VR dodgeball to cerebral strategy puzzlers and everything in between, and we’re so proud to have been able to bring that to the emerging VR community, and follow it as it steadily grew.

Now, in the last days of December, we’d like to share our favourite moments of our year with you, and relive the best of Archiact in 2017!

  • Darknet PSVR launch
    We were happy to collaborate with indie developer, E McNeill, to bring forth cyberpunk hacking fun! Diving into the Darknet, you install viruses, inject code, and hack your way through cybersecurity. Launched in March, Darknet was so well received that we were able to launch a non-VR version in September so all of the PS4 community could enjoy! Sick!
  • Revealing the Hidden Fortune series
    This year, we were able to launch our all-new puzzle adventure series, Hidden Fortune! An episodic saga, the first two chapters, Outcast Cove (launched in March), the Mystic Mastery content update (launched in June) and Shanty Seas (launched in September), saw beautiful art, thrilling adventures, and cheeky humour all around!
  • CVR
    This past May, we held CVR - the largest consumer focused Virtual Reality conference in Canada. Over the course of three days, we got over 5000 attendees and 700 industry professionals from all over the world all eager to try the latest innovations in VR/AR/MR! Highlights we had include having Evelynn Miralles from NASA(!) as our keynote speaker.
  • Science World - Canada’s 150
    This year was Canada’s Sesquicentennial (what a mouthful!) anniversary, aka Canada’s 150th birthday! We went all out and partnered with Science World to create an immersive VR Canoe Ride experience, focussing on Canada’s unique biodiversity by breathing virtual life into realistic environments. The Vive-based experience entertained and educated Vancouverites all summer long!
  • Smashbox Arena PSVR launch
    What an exciting year! We were stoked to bring the Vive-favourite, Smashbox Arena, to the Playstation VR! After the July release date, we had so much fun connecting with the PSVR community through activities such as Friday Fight Nights!
  • PSVR Anniversary Week
    PSVR’s anniversary was on October 13th, and us over here at Archiact decided to celebrate it by holding a week-long celebration! All three of our PSVR titles, Waddle Home, Darknet, and Smashbox Arena were discounted, and to the people who entered the arena with us - they had a chance to WIN some sick PS VR swag such as Move Controller Decals, Turtle Beach Headphones, Charging Stations, and more!
  • Evasion Announcement
    Our passion project that we had been itching to talk about had finally been announced this past October! Evasion is a leading VR “Bullet Hell” FPS Co-op shooter that truly immerses the player using the latest Intel technology.
  • IEM Oakland
    Riding off the coat tails of the Evasion announcement, we packed our bags and headed to IEM Oakland to display our Bullet Hell shooter co-op to the public for the first time! From November 18-19, gamers from all over the country gathered to try the latest and brightest in the gaming world!
  • Waddle Home AR
    Just last week, we were able to release our wonderful ball of joy, Waddle, into Augmented Reality! Our first venture into an iOS app, Waddle Home AR lets users navigate Waddle and his fellow penguin family back home. The first 16 levels are yours to play for free, with an additional 24 available to purchase!
  • Getting to know the Community 
    With so many new releases, and new community initiatives, we were so happy to start getting to know the VR community better! Special shoutouts to PSVR Frank, Nalyo Gaming, VR Singe Rhetorik, SolucePSVR, and PSVRWithoutParole for making 2017 so fun - we can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

There were so many more moments we could have shared, but then we’d probably be here until this time next year! ;) Thank you so much to everyone who has come along for the ride with us - we hope you stick around, because we’re only just getting started. Follow us on Twitter (@ArchiactVRgames) and Facebook to see what we do next!

Happy New Year, friends and family of VR - we’ll see you on the other side of 2018!

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