Global Archiact Jam

Winners of Global Archiact Jam 6!

Posted on 04 January 2017

Thank you to everyone that registered for our 6th Global Archiact Jam! Over 120 participants signed up and we received tons of great submissions. We had some much fun testing out the games and getting to know more developers in the VR community. Special thanks to Lee Wasilenko from VR Dev School for helping us with the judging. Here are the winners!



Zombie Gunner
By Cody Steen

About: In this Gear VR game you choose a level, character, and weapon then go and kill zombies. Survive wave after wave to be crowned the king!


Angry Fridge
By Michael Widmer & Haiwei Hou

About: A Gear VR game where you're playing as a fridge technician "fixing" a fridge. What that means is that it drops sentient food that makes a beeline for you and you throw it back at it the fridge - until one of you gets poisoned by the bad food or fixed with the good food. Or you can just throw the food around in the room.


EnVRo Chess
By: Cosmin Nicolae Bresug & Daniel-Adrian Aleca

About: You can play chess against an advanced AI and choose different environments in which you can experience. All while listening to relaxing music. The game is meant to train your mind in the arts of chess while also fully relaxing yourself in the soothing atmosphere. There are currently 5 environments: Museum, Lonely Island, Volcano, Moon and Underwater.






  • Globally showcase your talent: get exposure for your game through Archiact's social platforms.
  • Opportunity to network with leaders in the VR community: your entries are seen and valued by our judges and you might even have the opportunity to connect with our company! Read about Amber's experience here.
  • Develop an amazing VR game & grow your VR portfolio: you never know where your game will lead you! One of our previous winners, Gaspar, went on to win a Proto Award! Read about his experience here.
  • Prizes! We've had some amazing awards for our previous winners. $5000 cash, HTC Vives, and a booth at our premier CVR event - just to name a couple! (You also get a great VR game you made yourself, the best prize of all!)

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