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Winners of Archiact Student VR Jam Announced!

Posted on 07 November 2015

We are thrilled to announce we have determined the winners of the Student VR Jam. Congratulations to everyone that entered! We had a bunch of fun testing out the games. Each one of our contestants should be proud of the game they created!

The winners of the Student VR Jam are...

Nameless Noobs with the game titled 'Math Dude'

Math Dude is a VR game that introduces players to a friend named Dude. Dude needs help reaching his food. Players are taken through a fun combination of AR and VR as they help Dude solve arithmetic problems and get to his food. Be sure to go to the Archiact game jam website to check out the winners and download their game. 

A big thank you to all the students that participated in our game jam! We are excited to help students improve their game dev skills and contribute the growth of the VR community through our game jams. Learn why we love hosting game jams

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