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Why We Love Hosting Game Jams

Posted on 28 September 2015
Contestants from our first Student VR Jam!
Contestants from our first Student VR Jam!

It's no secret that Archiact likes to host game jams. We have held a number of student and global game jams that have attracted over 280 participants from across the world. Each time it has been amazing to see the cool game ideas and meet the awesome developers that come out of the jam. Beyond the interesting ideas and people, why do we host game jams? Well, we have a few reasons...

Build the VR Community

We love VR, one of our Core Values is great VR. We like to share our passion with others and game jams are a great way to do so. VR Jams encourage and foster interest around this new and exciting industry. These jams attract and inspire game developers, artists, musicians, etc. to try developing in VR and encourage non-dev VR enthusiasts to try their hand at game development. As more people become interested and active in VR Jams, the VR community grows.

Increase VR Exposure

Our VR game jams bring attention,awareness, and exposure to VR. As the VR community builds and interest increases, VR innovation grows. Greater innovation leads to even better VR technology and experiences.


A game jam is a great, low-risk way for anyone from a professional game developer to a novice,to improve their game development skills and ignite their creativity. The time constraint, competitive spirit, and camaraderie all serve to inspire developers. Kyle Gabler, World of Goo developer, stated that time constraint "offers one of most effective ways to come up with creative forms of gameplay." Games such as Audiosurf,Braid, and Tower of Goo (which later became World of Goo) started as prototypes developed during game jams and were later expanded. You may be surprised at the potential that comes out of a game jam!

Offer a Platform

For all those hard working game devs out there, we want to give you a platform to showcase your talent and efforts. Our game jams are a fantastic platform for students and indie developers to display their work.Archiact partners with other members of the VR community to give game jam submissions extra exposure and opportunities for feedback (See our partnership with WEARVR for our Student VR Jam).

Our VR game jams are a fun way for us to express our Core Values. They help build the VR community, increase VR exposure, and encourage VR innovation. They're are a great way to build dev skills and jumpstart creativity. In exchange for your hard work, game jams offer a stage to show off your achievement and receive feedback from your comrades.

So the next time you come across a chance to do a game jam, don't hesitate, just do it! Not only will you meet people and improve your skills, but you'll have FUN! To find out when Archiact is having a game jam, check out our Jam Jaror follow us on social media.

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