Welcome Ragtags! Greetings from the Evasion Team

Posted on 24 October 2017

The word is finally out... Evasion is here!


Today we can officially talk about Evasion, our VR co-op bullet hell shooter, now that it's finally been announced to the world! We've been working hard on Evasion for over a year and a half (!) and now we can’t wait to show it to  you.  

Evasion is our passion project, our love letter to VR gamers like ourselves who’ve been waiting for a high quality VR shooter that is built from the ground up for locomotion. We’ve been working with the very best leaders in technology including Unreal, Intel, Ikinema and NVidia to deliver the highest quality avatars, destructibles and FX that really bring this game to the next level.  We hope you like ducking and dodging massive amounts of firepower as much as we do! While there's a lot of work to do before Spring 2018, know that we are pushing hard to deliver one of the best quality experiences VR has to offer.

If you haven’t yet, check out our official announce trailer here:

And be sure to wishlist us on Steam to show your support!

For more information check out or get involved via our official Reddit, Twitter or Steam Discussions.

See you soon in VR!
The Evasion Team

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