Waddle Home is Now Available in AR on iOS!

Posted on 14 December 2017

Way back when virtual reality was still new and Archiact was just exploring the tip of the VR gaming iceberg, we launched a little penguin puzzler, Waddle Home, for Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Now, with VR growing and new AR tech emerging in a big way, it seems only fitting that Waddle Home is the first title we've brought to AR!

Waddle Home AR brings the cuddly penguins and tricky Lemmings-style puzzle gameplay of the original title to iOS, with support for any ARKit compatible device. Using Apple's incredible ARKit tech, we've remastered Waddle Home for AR, which transports the slippery ice floe puzzles to your living room...or the park...or the subway! Wherever your iPhone or iPad goes, you can play Waddle Home AR.

One of the best things about this new release is that it's totally free to jump in and start playing. There are plenty of icy levels to conquer (don't forget to grab those tricky Pink Eggs!) but if you manage to beat them all, there are additional level packs you can purchase and try your hand at! 

Last but not least, we've also created a little something special for you: a fully animated iMessage sticker pack, featuring Waddle at his sassiest. You can download the full sticker pack for $1.99 USD, or just download Waddle Home AR and recieve 3 stickers on us.

With all new upgrades to the art and the inclusion of incredible AR immersion, we're so excited to watch you iOS afficianados dive into Waddle Home AR, and can't wait to explore AR even more in the future!

Download Waddle Home AR for free!

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