Global Archiact Jam

VR Reporter Features Archiact's Student VR Jam

Posted on 04 September 2015

Virtual Reality Reporter is amped about the upcoming Archiact Student VR Jam. Virtual Reality Reporter, alongside Unity, Google, and Nibiru, sponsored Global Archiact Jam, an event that lasted three weeks and had over 160 international participants. The article written by VR Reporter can be read here

About Archiact Student VR Jam

Archiact is calling students from across the globe, to see who can make the best mobile VR game for Google Cardboard. The Student VR Jam takes place Sept 22nd - Oct 8th. Do you and your team have what it takes? Click here to learn more

The official prize is $500 CASH... but the real prize is so much more. What will you get out of participating in Archiact's Student VR Jam? The opportunity to create, develop, and publish your own mobile VR game. By participating in Student VR Jam, you will significantly increase you and your team's exposure in the VR and gaming industries. And finally, Archiact is always on the hunt for awesome new talentto join our team. This is a fantastic way to show us what you can do!

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