VR Game Jam Winners!

Posted on 31 March 2015

The big finale is here!! The scores have been tallied and the winners have been chosen! A big congratulations to all VR Game Jam participants, it is a huge accomplishment to have your very own game available on the Google Play store! Archiact had a great time getting to know your teams throughout the VR Game Jam. We hope that you found this competition to be a valuable experience, and that you learned something new! Our goal was to provide you with a platform to showcase your talent, and get your game on the market. 

... and now... for the winners!

1st Place - StarSong 2.0 VR made by team Bits Please

  • $1000 cash prize!

2nd Place - Galaxy Destroyer VR made by team Aprobert

  • $100 giftcard to BestBuy for each team member!

3rd Place - A tie! Martian Man Morris by team Coal Car and Neko! Kidnap by team Pixel People Productions

  • $50 giftcard to BestBuy for each team member!

Archiact would like to give a special mention to the team from Under the GUI who created the UTG Puzzle Master game! We would like to give them the honorary award of the "Emerging Talent" team. Under the GUI is a programming school for students under the age of 16, and they performed exceptionally! 

Did you miss out on this Archiact VR Game Jam?! Archiact will be announcing two subsequent VR Game Jams shortly! The game jams coming up will be bigger and better than ever.

Thank you again to all VR Game Jam participants! It has been a highly rewarding VR Game Jam, and Archiact can hardly wait for the next. 

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