Global Archiact Jam

VR Game Jam: $1000 Final Prize!!

Posted on 17 March 2015

BIG NEWS! We are now in the final week of Archiact's VR Game Jam, and the stakes have been upped. The 1st place prize has now been raised to a big $1000! Thanks to our partner, Nibiru, for the generous prize sponsorship. 

Who will be the final champion and winner of $1000? We will soon find out... Want to have your say in whose game wins Archiact's VR Game Jam? Make sure you follow our FACEBOOK page. 20% of participants' final score will be based off of number of "likes" on a screenshot of their game featured on our Facebook page. The more "likes" a game gets, the more points achieved! Online voting will be happening from March 24th - 26th

Good luck VR Game Jamers!

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