Virtual Reality at E3 2016

Posted on 23 June 2016

Welcome back to our blog! 

The Archiact team had a fantastic time at the big E3 expo last week in L.A. It was so exciting for us to discover that virtual reality was everywhere, in all corners of the event. The VR experiences were breathtakingly immersive, and the amount of VR innovation at the expo left us with one thought: there's never been a better time than right now to be in the VR industry. 

We are so glad that we had the opportunity to see what game developers have been working on in the last year, and we had an amazing time trying out all of the different VR experiences. 

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the conference! 

Next week, the Archiact team will be attending Pocket Gamer Connects - Vancouver with the Vancouver Economic Commission. We hope to see you there! Stay tuned to our blog for pictures and highlights from the event! 

- The Archiact Team 

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