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The Archiact Discord Is Live!

Posted on 20 February 2020

This one’s been a long time in the making, but we’re finally ready to open up one of our most exciting projects of the year:

The Archiact Discord server is officially live!

Okay, okay. So maybe a Discord server isn’t the most knock-your-socks off announcement we could possibly make. After all, doesn’t everyone have one these days? Look at Owlchemy Labs with their thriving Discord community, complete with its very own meme channel!

Well, just like those lucky folks have #Owlche-memes, our Discord will host some special content of our very own. And that, good friends of VR, is what we’re so excited about. And we’re revealing it at 9AM on February 25th.

Join our Discord now, and be the first to see The Next Big Thing from our team at Archiact!

What is it, though? Game reveal? Huge giveaway? Or something even better? (Or maybe all three?) There’s really only one way to know for sure, and we hope you join us this week to find out!

Because at the end of the day, that’s really our whole goal for our Discord. We have some big ideas for pushing the VR medium, and a big gathering place like the server is the perfect cozy community we want to build up around those ideas.

From now on, we invite you and all the cool VR friends you know to come hang out. Here’s all the other goodness you can expect from our Discord as it continues to grow:

  • A chill place to ask Archiact devs your burning VR game questions
  • Dedicated game discussion for Evasion and FREEDIVER. LFG? We’ve got you covered!
  • A tech support channel so we can help you squash your bugs All our big announcements, all in one place
  • A realistic simulation of what it’s like to sit next to our Community Manager Ren, who is constantly (constantly) talking about game trailers
We’ll see you there!
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