Smashbox Arena Release Date: We can finally share the news!

Posted on 14 July 2017

It's official: the multiplayer VR action of Smashbox Arena will be unleashed on PlayStation VR on July 25th! To celebrate, we've unveiled Enter The Arena, a video series that features some of our favourite parts of Smashbox Arena.

Check the first episode out below!

When you capture gameplay footage for a VR game, your players almost become a crew of virtual "actors." This is especially true for Smashbox Arena; because our head and hand movements are so accurately tracked, we realised we could get some super fun shots just by groovin' around in our PS VR headsets. (Just check out Poppy's smooth moves in the Characters feature!)

July 25th is just around the corner, but if it still seems a long way off, here are some brand new screenshots to sink your teeth into!

Which Enter The Arena feature was your favourite? (Anything with SealPup is our favourite. That mechanical bark is too cute.)

Let us know on Twitter @ArchiactVRgames, and don't forget to stay tuned as we count down to launch on July 25th!


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