PSVR Anniversary Sale Week: All You Need to Know

Posted on 10 October 2017

Happy birthday Playstation VR! In celebration of a marvelous one-year anniversary, we’re throwing all our PSVR fans a major, week-long celebration party (1st birthdays are a pretty big deal). From October 10-17, all of Archiact’s PSVR titles will be on sale, we’ll be giving away multiple prizes, and you’ll even have the chance to play VR with a few special guests!

1. What’s on sale

From October 10-17, all of Archiact’s PSVR titles will be on sale (North America only). At such great prices, you definitely want to snag a few games while you can:

Smashbox Arena - Reg. 50% off, PS+ 80% off


Darknet - Reg. 30% off, PS+ 50% off


Waddle Home - Reg. 25% off, PS+ 50% off


2. Play Smashbox Arena and win prizes!

This week, we’ll be having prize draws each day for Smashbox Arena players. Play our devs, and you’ll have the chance to win a mini prize package and/or one of three major prizes.


  • Play Smashbox Arena on Oct 10-12 from 6PM-10PM PST, or on Oct 13 from 2PM-10PM.
  • Join us in the US West Server.
  • Play against an Archiact developer! You’ll know you’ve found a dev if you spot one of these names: Arch-Jassy, Arch-QuanZai, Arch-PEGI13, Arch-RookieBlue, Arch-Qdub, or Arch-Niki6
  • Find us, play us, and your PSN name is automatically entered in a draw to win the prize of the day!
  • All winners are chosen randomly.
  • We will be giving away 3 mini prizes a day, plus 3 grand prizes on Friday!
  • You can only win a mini-prize once, but the grand prizes are anyone’s game - all the more reason to play all week!
  • While we'd love to accomodate everyone, our giveaway is limited to the US and Canada only.

What Can You Win?

Through October 10-13, we will have three (3) mini prize giveaways daily. These packages include must-have Smashbox Arena move controller decals and an awesome bundle of Smashbox Arena stickers. On Friday, in addition to the mini prizes, we’ll be giving away a few major gifts. We’ll have a lucky winner for each of the prizes listed below:

Tuesday, Oct 10

(3) Mini prize package winners

Wednesday, Oct 11

(3) Mini prize package winners

Thursday, Oct 12

(3) Mini prize package winners

Friday, Oct 13

(3) Mini prize package winners

(1) Power A PSVR Headset Case winner

(1) Power A PSVR Charging Station winner

(1) Pair of Stealth 350VR Turtle Beach Headphones winner

Check out the gameplay and prize schedule below to see when you can have a chance to win! Times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

How Will I Know If I Won?

  • Winners will be announced via Twitter (@ArchiactVRGames). Follow us for updates!
  • Archiact will directly message winners through PSN for mailing information.
  • Mini prize winners will be announced on Oct 11, 12, and 13 (respectively) and major prize winners will be announced Monday, October 16.

3. Special guests coming your way…

Friday Fight Night on the PSVR Anniversary? We're pulling out all the stops! Not only will our devs be in-game, but we've invited a few of our favourite PSVR YouTubers to come play some Smashbox as well. Stay tuned to our @ArchiactVRgames Twitter for updates!


4. Follow our social media for updates

Lastly, make sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates throughout the week! We’ll be announcing winners, sales, and when you can live-game with PSVR influencers. Don’t miss out!

Alright - it’s partytime! Grab your PSVR headsets and prepare yourself for a week of insane sales, epic games, and great prizes. We’ll see you in the Smashbox Arena!

**Official giveaway rules: Giveaway runs from Tuesday, October 10 at 6PM PST until Friday, October 13 at 10 PM PST. No purchase necessary. All winners will be chosen randomly and announced via Twitter (@ArchiactVRGames) on Oct 11, 12, 13 (for draws on Oct 10-12), and 16 (for the October 13 draw). There will be a total of twelve (12) mini prize package winners and three (3) major prize winners. Winners may only win upto one (1) mini prize package, but are eligible to win one (1) mini prize package and one (1) major prize. Mini prize packages include move controller decals and Smashbox Arena Stickers (retail $8.00). Major Prizes include (1) Power A PSVR Headset Case (retail $29.99), (1) Power A PSVR Charging Station (retail $49.99), and (1) Pair of Stealth 350VR Turtle Beach Headphones (retail $79.99). Prizes will be mailed to the chosen winners’ addresses which will be obtained via direct message through PlayStation. Giveaway is limited to the mainland US and Canada only, void where prohibited. Promoted by Archiact, 1055 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6E.

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