New Updates to Deep Space Battle VR

Posted on 27 July 2016


The best VR Arcade Space Shooter has been overhauled with a ton of new upgrades based on your feedback. Today, we are proud to announce that we have released the update, and the new version is now available for download on Google Play

We want to give our special thanks to all of the players who gave us feedback and ideas on how we can make this game better. Here are the updates included in this release:

Improved Radar
Now you can track down those enemy ships, lock on and fire. We?ve also added a health meter, a timer and the number of ships you need to destroy for fully optimized gameplay.

Better Visual Effects
Low on health? Taking serious damage? You´re gonna feel it with brand new screen shattering effects. Space battles never looked so good.

Upgraded Ships
Peek ship stats in the menu, and choose the one that matches your gameplay style.

More Story
The dark truth of the Shadow Fleet is revealed through the eyes of lost explorer Captain Sam Roberts.  

New Music Tracks & a major SFX upgrade
Surround yourself in VR Arcade space shooter intensity.

Updated Menu Flow
Get into the game faster, and blast into the next level without returning to the Main Menu.


Happy gaming! 

- The Archiact Team

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