Mystic Mastery Update brings Customizable Wands and Challenges to Hidden Fortune!

Posted on 21 June 2017

Upon the initial update back in March, we were able to integrate the Gear VR controller and its seamless orientation into the Hidden Fortune world through the introduction of the Wand. Since the Wand has been included, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback regarding its functionality for in-game play. So today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Mystic Mastery Update; this update features cosmetic upgrades and customizability for the Wand as well as the introduction of Challenges into Hidden Fortune!

Watch the all new trailer for the Mystic Mastery Update now!

Feeling like the plain old Wand just doesn’t quite represent the true wizard that you are? Well, with the Mystic Mastery update, the addition of customizable skins allows you to make your Hidden Fortune experience as unique as your fine self! As you enter the Airship, you’ll find that the Wizard Shop has opened for business. This is your one-stop shop for all your wizarding needs, where you’ll be able to swap your gold and choose between four mystical skins for your Wands and Orbs.

Think you’ve already conquered all ten quests in Hidden Fortune? Guess again. In this update, we have brought in an all-new way to test your wizardry capabilities: Challenges! Challenges add tiered levels of difficulty to all quests; they may start off simple enough, but as you progress and factors such as timing and speed come into play, Challenges will make even the most powerful sorcerers tremble.

With your newly revamped Wands and Orbs in hand, establish your position as the head wizard of Outcast Cove in the Mystic Mastery update, available now for the Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus.


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