MARCH 7 - Darknet PlayStation VR Release

Posted on 03 March 2017

Get ready to start hacking


Darknet is a strategy/puzzle game in which you play as an 80s cyberpunk elite hacker. Dive into the Net, install viruses, inject code, and hack your way through cybersecurity.

Darknet comes out MARCH 7 on the PS VR -  Get ready to start hacking!

As the Darknet release on the Playstation VR approaches, we wanted to give a quick feature on all the software you can use in the game!



Viruses are your basic, permanent tools of hacking. You can use them to capture a node from the inside. The goal is to reach the core with your virus while also avoiding the anti-virus.
TIP:  figure out where you can inject your virus to eliminate some of the antivirus, so that you have a clearing to reach the core.



Exploits are simple net attacks that can break ICE or bring down a firewall. Use them on blue nodes to reduce the network’s security
TIP: Use exploits to help remove the firewall protecting the root node to make it a little bit easier to hack.



Hydras spread through the network and capture nodes that don’t have a shield. They can only be installed in nodes you’ve already captured.
TIP: use exploits to take down shields to make the use of Hydras more effective.



Worms will corrupt a node, weakening the network as if you had captured the node. They must be installed in captured nodes.
TIP: The worm has a simple AI algorithm that determines how it moves through the network. Advanced players will have to figure out the algorithm if they want to use the worms effectively.

And that’s all we will reveal for now. There are many more secrets in Darknet for you to uncover yourself. Tweet us your favourite software @ArchiactVRGames!

See you in the net!


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