Lamper Coin Trick

Posted on 17 February 2015

Want to know how to get the highest possible score in Lamper VR and Lamper for Google Cardboard?

Coins! Each coin (or candy if you downloaded our special Holiday edition) you collect contributes to your high score. So, the more coins you collect the higher your score will be! In addition, when you collect 5 coins in a row, you will get a free "power-up." This power-up will increase your speed, and make you invincible for a short period of time. That way, you can fly quickly through the tunnel and automatically avoid hitting any obstacles. Win-win. More points, invincibility, and an increased speed through the tunnel.

These features will remain the same in Lamper VR 2.0! Do you have a high score in Lamper VR or Lamper for Google Cardboard? We want to know! Tweet us and let us know what your high score is. You could very well be the Lamper Champion!  

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