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It's Time to #EnterTheArena - Smashbox Arena Launches on PSVR!

Posted on 25 July 2017

We've had July 25 circled on our calendars for months, and now it's finally here. Today, Archiact and BigBox VR unleashed Smashbox Arena on PlayStation VR! Check out the new trailer now, featuring our friends from the world of eSports, Daeron "Bombadil" and Chris "SideStrafe."

All summer, we've been polishing the Sniper scopes, stress-testing the Shields, and lighting the exploding Fireballs ablaze. (What, you thought they did that on their own?) It's been hard work, but we when played our first match with PlayStation players this morning, it was all so worth it! In fact, we saw that some of you have even ranked up high enough to unlock all the playable characters already, which is as crazy as it is impressive.

Possibly one of the best parts about bringing this game to an all-new platform is that there's already an awesome community waiting for you. If you're in need of a trusty teammate, or even just looking for some helpful tips, there are welcoming players of all experience levels to chat with on Reddit. (We hang out in r/PSVR and r/SmashboxArena a lot ourselves.) It's a great place to kick off your soon-to-be-illustrious Smashbox career.

And who knows...maybe you'll see one of us devs ducking and dodging our way through some online matches. Keep an eye out for our undercover dev accounts. (And watch your six!)

Smashbox Arena is available for $29.99 USD on the PlayStation Store. Check it out today!

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