How To Play Firefly Rescue Without a Cardboard Tap

Posted on 21 January 2016

Thank you for checking out Firefly Rescue! Firefly Rescue was optimized for Google Cardboard and uses the standard cardboard tap to confirm and begin the game.

If you are using a headset that does not have a cardboard tap, there is a way to work around this using two magnets: 

  1. Place a magnet inside your viewer and secure it with sticky tape.
  2. Then place a magnet on the outside (the magnetic force from the internal magnet should keep it in place).
  3. Try playing the game by sliding the external magnet with your finger then releasing it so that it returns to its position. You may need to try different placements to get as close to the sensor in your phone as possible. This magnetic field disturbance should trigger the command in the game. 
  4. [Optional] Once you have worked out the best place for the magnets you can make a small frame out of cardboard for the external magnet to sit in (so your finger does not accidentally knock the magnet off).


Here are some of the headsets that are compatible with Google Cardboard apps, where to buy them, and instructions on how to assemble a Google Cardboard.

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