Hidden Fortune: Unexplored is Coming to Vive Focus!

Posted on 14 November 2017

More news about our little VR puzzler, Hidden Fortune? You bet!

Coming in hot on the heels of the Daydream launch, we've just unveiled Hidden Fortune: Unexplored for the newly-announced Vive Focus! As one of the first titles to be remastered for HTC's all-new standalone headset, we're proud to say this will be the best version of Hidden Fortune yet.

For the first time, the virtual treasure hunt of Hidden Fortune will be experienced in fully immersive, beautifully-realized room-scale. Hidden Fortune: Unexplored transforms the nooks and crannies of Outcast Cove into walkable spaces to be discovered up-close. Move freely in all three dimensions and wield the mystical Wand to gather hidden objects, beat tricky challenges, and uncover a forgotten story.

Explore Like Never Before: With the addition of immersive room-scale, the lush fantasy-scapes of Hidden Fortune can be explored freely.

Wield the Wand: With a swing of the Controller, these collectible magic devices enable seamless physical interaction with the virtual world. Cast spells to search your surroundings, solve clever puzzles, and snag treasures that are just out of reach.

Get Up Close in Every Dimension: In this expanded 3D space, you must peek under tables or reach up high on tip-toe to search every nook and cranny!

Hidden Fortune: Unexplored is coming to HTC Vive Focus in 2018!

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