Hidden Fortune: Chapter Two sets sail for Gear VR!

Posted on 15 September 2017

If you're a Gear VR fan, today is most definitely your day. We have not one, but two huge announcements for you:

First, Hidden Fortune: Chapter One is now available for free! That's right, now anyone can try this little VR puzzler out and explore the charming nooks and crannies of Outcast Cove. (We think it makes a great first experience for VR newbies, especially little ones!)

Second, we are proud to launch Hidden Fortune's second chapter, Shanty Seas! Check out the lush, beachy vibes in the all-new trailer below.

Departing Outcast Cove, you and your wizardly grandfather have set sail for the high seas, where a lone desert island lures you with promise of pirate treasure hoards. Your grandfather insists the isle has long been abandoned, but you swear you can hear otherworldly notes of music floating just above the crashing waves, and that nearby pirate ship probably didnt sink itself
Players will find themselves equipped with magic of their own, which manifests as magical flying orbs. With the tap of a button, players cast their orbs forth to interact with a beautiful VR world. Capture and collect trinkets, make charming new acquaintances, and solve tricky puzzles; all with a well-judged arc.Shanty Seas adds over two hours of completely new content, including eight puzzle-based Quests, (plus unique Challenges for each!) collectible skins for your Wand and Orb, and two full levels. We've even gone back and given some beautiful upgrades to the art and UI in both Chapters, so let us know what you think of the sleek new look!

"With Shanty Seas, weve made some fantastic improvements across the board" said Ed Lago, our fearless leader on the Hidden Fortune development team. From the gorgeous new levels and art, to the added gameplay and Wands, we bet players will never want to leave!

Ominous, Ed! There are certainly some twists and turns in this mischievous addition to the Hidden Fortune world, and we can't wait for you to untangle them.Haven't taken the plunge into the VR world of Hidden Fortune yet? Now is the perfect time, becauseChapter One: Outcast Coveis now available as a free download for all!

Download Hidden Fortune now!

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