Have you tried Deep Space Battle yet?

Posted on 03 January 2017

One of Archiact’s earliest games, Deep Space Battle VR, has been receiving tremendous amounts of love from the Cardboard Virtual Reality community! Deep Space Battle is the ultimate space shooter game made for Cardboard VR that offers the most immersive virtual reality experience. And it’s 100% free for you to enjoy. Download it now!

Here are some of our favourite reviews:

“Sets the standard! Best VR game I’ve played so far. Hopefully this developer will put more quality VR games in the Play store” – Kali G

“Exemplary VR Title. From a VR standpoint, this game does everything right and should be made the example from which other developers base their VR games on. The menus are fully operable with the VR headset and the controls are easy and intuitive. Overall, this is the best VR game I’ve played to-date.” – Shield Generator7

“Wow. It really kinda feels like you are in space” – AGuyNextDoor

“Amazing. I’m impressed with you, developer. Your game was amazing, great gameplay, the game is very intense and a lot of adrenaline. Play it with headphones. I wish there could be more developers like you. Thank you very much for the game. Congratulations” – Juliano Henzel

Keep playing and write us your review + feedback! We love hearing your experiences with the game :)

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