Global Archiact Jam

Global Archiact Jam Winners - Trip to China!

Posted on 11 November 2015

The winners from the Global Archiact Jam this summer have officially embarked on their trip to China! Global Archiact Jam was the international virtual reality game jam that Archiact hosted this past summer. Hundreds of developers from across the globe competed in this epic competition, and our top three teams were awarded trips to China to meet with the best venture capitalists and technology companies in the country. The other winning teams from Global Archiact Jam were awarded upwards of $7000 cash!

Archiact is thrilled to be able to provide these contestants with such a fantastic opportunity. Throughout the trip, the Global Archiact Jam winners will be visiting with companies such as: Tencent, ARM, Intel, TCL, and more! 

Throughout the 10 day trip to China, the winning contestants will travel to several different cities. After landing in the capital of China, Beijing, they will travel to Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.

Congratulations again to the Global Archiact Jam winners! Your virtual reality games were fantastic, and we wish you luck on the remainder of your trip.

Stay tuned for more updates of the Global Archiact Jam China trip! 

**Interested in getting in on the Global Archiact Jam action next time? Keep your eye out for the next Global Archiact Jam coming in 2016!

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