Global Archiact Jam

Global Archiact Jam: Meet our Previous Winners!

Posted on 09 August 2016

The Global Archiact Jam 2016 is officially in progress! Over 60 participants have signed up, and we can't wait to see all of your amazing submissions. Today, we're throwing it back to our previous game jams, and giving you a chance to hear from our winners! In this post, we'll be featuring Gaspar (Deluxe Winner in 2015 Archiact Jam, "Island in the Sky V2"), and the two team members who won the GearVR category in our most recent game jam - John and Richard ("Peripheral").


What kind of programming experience do you have?

Gaspar:None... I use playmaker to write my code. If we count playmaker, then about 2.5 years.

Richard:All of my computer using life, but about 5-6 years in a paid capacity.

John:20 total. 10 professionally.

How did you get into game creation?

John: There was this perfect storm when I was about 13. I discovered the BUILD engine that Duke Nukem 3D was built with and fell in love with making levels. At almost the same time I discovered Impulse Tracker, a music player on a BBS that also let you make music from stuff you're listening to, and finally I got a hand-me-down 80286 computer to program BASIC on. From there, it's been my life.

Why do you love VR?

Gaspar: It empowers the user to escape his own reality. This has great implications for both gaming but also non-gaming applications like learning and therapy.

Richard: Probably the thing I love the most about VR is the ability to show scale. You can talk to a kid all you want about how big our Sun, or solar system, or how big space is in general. But all of that means nothing compared to taking a kid on a tour of our solar system in experiences like Titans of Space. You cannot do this anywhere else, and could never do it before now. It's no longer just a construct in our minds, we can see it. I would love to see an experience that focuses on the sub-atomic.

John:The first time I ever experienced Virtual Reality, I knew it was the future. It was 1992 and I got a chance to play in a Virtuality machine. From there, it was obvious that, with any luck, I'd be able to create any fantasy world I wanted to and live inside it for the rest of my life.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Gaspar: Winning the Game Jam changed my life. My current VR game has been featured in road to Vr and its a finalist for indie Prize. I have been invited to speak at various venues, and have been blessed with the opportunity to demo my game at places like Supercon, The east Coast gaming Conference.. and even a launch party for UploadVR. Vr companies and PC manufacturers are even sponsoring my efforts, and it all started with the Archiact Jam.

Special thanks to Gaspar, John, and Richard for taking part in this blog post, and sharing their experiences with our readers!

Best of luck, Jammers!

- The Archiact Team

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