Global Archiact Jam

Global Archiact Jam

Posted on 26 May 2015

global archiact jam is here!!!

Our team is excited to announce the Global Archiact Jam! This will be a 3 week international mobile VR gaming competition. Archiact has taken this competition to the next level, with a first place prize (which two teams will receive) that has limitless opportunity. So what is the prize?


1 week all-expenses-paid trip to China. Includes meetings with 10 venture capitalists and 6 of the largest gaming companies in the country. 


That is right... TWO TEAMS will win this prize! And that brings us to a unique part of this competition, the hardware. Competitors in the Global Archiact Jam are able to choose what kind of VR headset they would like to develop for. The categories are: Deluxe (Samsung Gear VR) and Essentials (Google Cardboard.) We will be adding more VR headsets to the "Essentials" category over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Registration opens soon!! Sign up below to be notified when registration has opened. More information can be found on the Global Archiact Jam page

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