Drift Issue Explained

Posted on 16 December 2014

There have been several occasions where players of Lamper VR have reported a drifting issue at various points throughout the game. The fix for this is very simple: calibration. Calibrating your mobile device will significantly improve your VR experience, making it as seamless and immersive as possible.

Different smartphones come with different accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. This causes a different level of sensitivity from device to device. Over time, the sensors will have a hard time tracking with their reference points. This causes the camera to drift in VR headsets. What is the solution to this drifting? Calibration.  

Here's what to do. Before you put your smartphone into your VR headset device, open up the Lamper VR app. Once the game is open, place your mobile device face up on the counter. Let it sit (still) for about five seconds. Now you can pick up your mobile device and put it in your VR headset and start playing!

Calibrating your phone prior to playing Lamper VR will ensure that your virtual reality experience is optimized.  

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