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Darknet Available on PS VR (Plus 4K Wallpapers!)

Posted on 07 March 2017

It's time to conquer the net: Darknet is finally available on PlayStation VR.

(And we have some awesome 4K wallpapers for your desktop and phone, too! Scroll down for the download link.)

Watch the all-new launch trailer now:


Now that the game has been opened up to the PS VR community, Darknet's solo developer, E McNeill, wonders if players will finally uncover hidden secrets yet to be discovered in his VR classic.

"Many VR games offer a novel experience or a cool way of exploiting the technology, but holding a player's interest for a long time requires something more," says E McNeill. "Darknet was designed to be easy to learn, difficult to master, and full of secrets. In fact, even now, there are secrets in the game that have never been found, even though they're hiding in plain sight."

Sounds like a challenge. We're all watching to see who will be the first to crack Darknet's last secret, and while we can't say too much, the final seconds of the trailer might point you in the right direction!

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