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CVR 2016 - Archiact Hosts Sold Out International VR Conference & Expo to Showcase the Power of Virtual Reality

Posted on 19 May 2016

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CVR 2016 (, hosted by Archiact ( was a tremendous success with a sold out show, packed speaker sessions, and exclusive virtual reality product launches.

Archiact celebrated its 3rd anniversary at CVR 2016 with the surprise reveal of Archiact VR Robotics. Archiact VR Robotics, formerly a highly coveted division of the company, is now publicly combining virtual reality with advanced telepresence robotics technology to transform and create efficiencies across numerous industry verticals.

Exhibitors at CVR 2016 showcased ground-breaking VR technology, and gave glowing reviews of this now internationally renowned VR event.

Cloudhead Games’ CEO Denny Unger reported: "It was a fantastic event. After many years in development and demoing at industry events, it was great to finally be able to showcase at a consumer VR event, especially locally. We were blown away at the attendance, which is such a great sign for the future of VR!"

"CVR was fantastic! There was a variety of VR experiences on display, and the enthusiasm was incredible. We got to meet those behind the great work being done in this space too. Many thanks to Archiact for a very successful event!” - Dora Cheng, Co-Founder of uForis VR.

"VRstudios congratulates Archiact on a hugely successful first international consumer VR show," said Mary Jesse, chief strategy officer at VRstudios and keynote speaker at CVR 2016. "The time was right for this global VR show to help educate users and the industry. VRstudios experienced several business benefits from our participation, and the venue provided an excellent format to showcase our industry-first wireless, multiplayer, full-motion VR system and content."

Alexander Haque, Director of Developer Relations at RetinadVR declared: "Kudos to Archiact, the Vancouver-based game and VR studio for having thrown an exceptional event. It was one of the most well-oiled conferences I’ve ever attended. The amount of thought and detail that went into the event is obvious."

"CVR 2016 was a fantastic event! Vancouver is a stellar location and the event drew a wonderfully diverse crowd of receptive people eager to check out the state of the art in VR. We can't wait for next year!" - Kevin Mack, Founder of Shape Space VR.

Derek Chen, President of Archiact stated: “CVR 2016 was a major success for Archiact and the global VR community. Thank you again to all exhibitors, speakers, attendees, and everyone who supported CVR 2016. This was just the beginning: see you in 2017.”

Archiact is poised to host another record breaking CVR event in 2017 that will be one-of-a-kind. Sign up on for official CVR 2017 updates.


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