Archiact Speaks at Vancouver International Film Festival

Posted on 19 October 2015

Archiact presented at VR Rises on Oct 1 at the Vancouver International Film Festival's Industry Conference. The day included a keynote and a number of sessions around the technology, creative processes, and story telling of virtual reality. A summary of the sessions of the day can be found here.

Archiact's President, Derek Chen, participated in the "Technology: Matching the Ambition" panel along with Chris Edwards (CPO/CEP, VRC: The Virtual Reality Company + The Third Floor, Inc.) and Denny Unger (CEO, Creative Director, Cloudhead Games) to provide an overview of VR technology, from applications to hardware and software. Derek touched on the potential VR had to revolutionize medical applications and discussed how VR film would be the breakthrough that blurred the lines between film and games. The panel along with the rest of the sessions were an excellent success. The hashtag designated for the event, #VRRises, trended nationally on Twitter - three times! 

Closing the event was an Industry Mixer in the Immersive Experiences exhibit. Two of Archiact's co-ops, Marina Lucio and Daniel Nascimento presented their game, Duralde's Mission, which they had made with three other partners as a project for the Centre of Digital Media. The premise of the virtual reality game is to pilot the first spaceship to break the lightspeed barrier while a partner at Mission Control relays important data needed to successfully complete tasks. We were proud to see our team members had an opportunity to showcase their hard work. A complete list of the Immersive Experiences can be found here

VR Rises firmly established VIFF as a Canadian Film Festival that bridges the gap between the cinematic, digital media and gaming worlds, introducing content creators to a rising and popular medium. Archiact was thrilled to have been able to participate and attend the sessions, exhibits, and the Closing Gala Wrap Party. A heartfelt thank-you to the organizers! 

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