Archiact Research: VR Treatments for Chronic Pain

Posted on 25 July 2016

Did you know that Archiact works on VR applications beyond game development??

Our team is always on the lookout for real world problems that can be addressed with VR tech.?Today, we'll be talking about our research in medical VR applications.?

In a recent project, Archiact collaborated with entrepreneurs, university researchers and pain specialists in order to better understand how virtual reality can reduce pain intensity in chronic and acute pain patients. Previous studies have shown virtual reality is an excellent pain distraction tool to reduce pain intensity in acute pain patients, but less research is available for virtual reality treatments for chronic pain intensity.

?These images are screenshots of Cryoslide, the clinically-tested virtual reality experience that successfully reduced chronic pain intensity in chronic pain patients in Vancouver, B.C. This was created by Archiact employees, with assistance from Simon Fraser University.?

To help drive this research forward, Archiact participated in the design and construction of a virtual reality designed with pain distraction techniques unique to virtual reality as a medium. Archiact provided academic expertise from its own VR research staff as well as technical services to ensure the virtual reality pain reduction software retained all of the recommended design practices studied by VR pain researchers in the past. The software is now being tested in clinical settings in order to validate the product and create publishable scientific reports.?

Written by: Amber Choo

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