Archiact Publishes Deep Space Battle for Cardboard

Posted on 30 October 2015

Archiact has published and released Deep Space Battle exclusively for Google Cardboard VR. Become earth?s mightiest hero in this fast-paced virtual reality shooter game. Use your wits and your weapons as a lone space pilot defending against the invasion of the Shadow Fleet. Experience immersive virtual reality flight through a colorful galactic landscape while blasting enemy ships. Download Deep Space Battle here

As the ultimate VR space shooter, Deep Space Battle Cardboard VR is now better than ever. Archiact overhauled the design and applied major upgrades. We listened to player feedback and all ships and levels are now absolutely free. We implemented a better targeting system to improve aim, ultimately helping players lock onto their targets longer. We increased usability by enhancing the menu system and adding a timer to the gameplay. Finally we optimized the performance and addressed a number of bugs. Deep Space Battle is now the best dogfight battle space shooter for the Cardboard VR. 

Archiact is happy to collaborate with partners and developers. Our publishing services are completely customizable based on our client's needs. For more information, see our Publishing Services.

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