Global Archiact Jam

Archiact Partnering with WEARVR to Showcase Student Work

Posted on 04 September 2015

Archiact is excited to announce our partnership with WEARVR for our global Student VR Jam. All final game jam submissions will be posted on WEARVR. This is an awesome opportunity for students to gain exposure in the VR and gaming industry! WEARVR is an excellent place to promote VR games; the site offers the largest choice of VR content across a wide range of genres and is approaching 250,000 downloads. WEARVR attracts visitors who are interested in obtaining the latest and greatest VR experiences, and loyally return week after week looking for new games. Students with their games on this platform, have the chance to showcase their mad dev skills and receive feedback from fellow VR enthusiasts.

About Archiact's Student VR Jam

Archiact is calling students from across the globe, to see who can make the best mobile VR game for Google Cardboard. The Student VR Jam takes place Sept 22nd - Oct 8th. The official prize is $500 CASH. Do you have what it takes? Click here to learn more!

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