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Archiact Celebrates its Third Year in Business

Posted on 16 May 2016

"It is with great pleasure that the Archiact team announces our third year in business," said Derek Chen, founder and president of Archiact Interactive. "We would like to extend a warm thank you and note of appreciation to our partners. Your continued support has helped our team develop to be one of the largest dedicated VR studios in North America. As we celebrate this significant milestone in company history, Archiact is looking forward to continuing our position in the rapidly developing market of virtual reality."

The Archiact team is proud to announce the following company news for this anniversary: 

CVR 2016

On Saturday, May 14, Archiact Interactive hosted CVR 2016 -the world's first international conference and expo on consumer virtual reality. This sold-out event, hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre, demonstrated the high level of public interest in the virtual reality industry. Guest speakers included Elbert Perex from HTC, Denny Unger from Cloudhead Games, and Vincent McCurley from the National Film Board of Canada. With over 30 mind-blowing virtual reality exhibits, attendees had the opportunity to try all of the latest VR tech that the world has to the offer. 

For more information about CVR 2016, please refer to this press release and this blog post. 


We are growing! Back in 2013, the Archiact team comprised of just our two founders, Derek Chen and Frank Shen. Now, Archiact has grown to over 60 team members in our Vancouver headquarters and 20 team members in our Shanghai studio. A big welcome to all the new additions to the Archiact team!


Archiact is proud to announce our growth of our publishing division! Archiact publishing is an ideal way for your company to remain strong and profitable while the North American virtual reality market is still in development. The Archiact publishing team has currently published over 30 virtual reality titles in the Asia-Pacific region. If you are interested in learning more about publishing your VR experience with Archiact, please email our Publishing Manager, Allen Kung. 

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