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Our Mission

Make virtual and augmented reality a central part of every home, business, and organization in the world to inspire, create efficiencies, and leave a meaningful impact with each interaction.


We believe that our values should be defined by the people that work here every day. So, we asked our team to describe what it means to be a part of Archiact and this is what they came up with.


We're a tight knit group of artists, designers, and engineers. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Spirit of Play

Whether it's testing new games or just having fun in the office, we believe in a relaxing and open work atmosphere.


We encourage lively discussions with crazy ideas, which usually snowball into something great. We start with big ideas, then work backwards to figure out how to achieve them.


Our business is an exciting marriage between a new industry and the cutting edge of technology, so we continually strive to define the future by being the best at what we do.


Our office is made up of people from many different backgrounds and all walks of life. The wide range of personalities and perspectives make the Archiact culture truly unique.


Right from your first day, you'll be given real responsibility, and the capacity to create tangible change. You'll be given the tools you need to succeed and the autonomy to thrive.

The Archiact Team

Derek Chen

Co-Founder & President

Derek is a former Senior Software Engineer from Amazon and SAP, with experience in the fields of project management, software development, talent acquisition, and retention. At SAP Derek was selected out of 60,000 employees to receive the Global Top Talent Award.

Frank Shen

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Frank is a virtual reality enthusiast and believer. Frank is also a stock market maven, and founded Archiact Interactive Ltd. in 2013 with his earnings from the stock market. He graduated from SFU as a finance major.

Albert L.

Prototype Engineer Co-op

Albert L.

Marketing Coordinator Co-op

Allen K.

Publishing Manager

Amber C.

VR Researcher & Technical Artist

Anders B.

User Interface Designer

Andy B.

Game Designer

Anita P.

Lead UI/UX Designer

Anne-Marie E.

Event Producer

Ariel Z.

Finance Manager

Ash O.

VR Generalist

Austin H.

Senior Modeler

Bobby R.

Infrastructure Manager

Bohao W.

Concept Artist

Brian M.

Lead Engineer

Dan B.

Business Development Manager

David W.

Senior Animator & Rigger

Ed L.

Senior Producer

Elena I.

International Business Development and Executive Assistant

Eric H.

Executive Producer

Eric M.

Senior Technical Artist

Erik R.

Junior Software Engineer

Harinderpal K.

Prototype Engineer Co-op

Ian R.

Senior Game Designer

Jay D.

Prototype Engineer Co-op

Jay J.

Software Engineer

Jennifer D.

Senior Producer

Jordan F.

Software Engineer

Justin M.

Technical Director

Ken H.

Lead Artist

Kiki J.

Marketing Coordinator Co-op

Kyra Y.

Junior Software Engineer

Leo V.

3D Artist

Liz G.

Software Engineer

Marina L.

Junior Game Designer

Markus H.

Lead of Research & Development

Martin L.

Unreal Software Engineer

Patrick E.

Senior Modeler

Quan W.

Software Engineer

Quentin W.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Renee K.

Community & Social Media Manager

Richard L.

Marketing Coordinator

Ryan L.

Junior Software Engineer

Ryan S.

Associate Producer

Sam H.

Junior Software Engineer

Sam L.

Concept Artist

Samantha N.

Marketing Coordinator Co-op

Sarah D.

Game Designer

Sarah R.

3D Generalist

Sumreen R.

Prototype Engineer Co-op

Thomas E.

Junior Software Engineer

Tim Z.

Business Development Coordinator

Victor L.

Junior Technical Artist

Vivian B.

Software Engineer

Wenqi S.

Associate Project Manager

Giving Back

Though virtual reality is bringing the next frontier to gaming and entertainment, it can do so much more. VR is a transformative technology that will change the world for the better. Beyond just our business initiatives, Archiact strives to partake in a variety of community initiatives in order to make the world a better place.

Through Archiact's work with organizations such as the Vancouver Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House, we support causes that are aligned with our values and help improve the lives of others.