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Unmatched Expertise

We are an award-winning team of industry veterans who have been building games specifically for VR & AR for over five years. With offices in Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China, Archiact aims to become the leading expert in VR & AR game development.

Help Us Clean up Canada's Coasts!

FREEDIVER: Triton Down launched last week to wonderful response from the VR community, and we couldn't be more grateful. Now we're paying it forward, and using this opportunity to give back!

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FREEDIVER is a Finalist for VR Game of the Year!

When we saw the news, we had to take our own tagline's advice. #DontForgetToBreathe

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FREEDIVER: Triton Down is Available Now!

Jump into the deep end on Oculus and Steam.

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Featured Games


Experience the next generation of VR combat with Evasion, an intense sci-fi bullet-hell shooter. Play solo or team up to save an embattled colony from swarms of lethal Optera. Run, dodge, and unleash devastating Surge Attacks as you fight your way through an action-packed story campaign. Featuring four player classes, a challenging Survival Mode and free move locomotion, Evasion is the ultimate wish fulfilment for sci-fi shooter fans.

"It’s wholly possible that Evasion could become the Borderlands of VR; a unique twist on the FPS genre." - VR Focus


Waddle Home AR

An adorable arctic rescue in AR! The little penguin family of Waddle Home have lost their way, and it's up to you to guide these roly-poly birds back to their spaceship. Help them navigate slippery ice floes by toggling blocks, opening doors, and escaping the ever-patrolling Guard robots.

"With fantastic presentation and interesting mechanics, it's definitely one of those ARKit games that you ought to play" – AR critic


Hidden Fortune: Unexplored

The virtual treasure hunt of Hidden Fortune can be experienced in fully immersive, beautifully-realized room-scale. Hidden Fortune: Unexplored transforms the nooks and crannies of Outcast Cove into walkable spaces to be discovered up-close. Move freely in all three dimensions and wield the mystical Wand to gather hidden objects, beat tricky challenges, and uncover a forgotten story. As a sorcerer on a daring rescue mission, players must use their magic to explore the vivid world around them, and collect peculiar trinkets to aid in their quest. Solve puzzles, meet quirky characters, and uncover secrets and treasures alike in this charmed VR title.

"A well made game that looks great, runs smoothly, will keep you busy.” -"

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